Developers Resource Group (DRG) was formed out of demand to improve the interior finishes procurement process and reduce thosecosts significantly. Developers of commercial projects such as multi-family, industrial and corporate complexes, medical facilities, hospitality, restaurants, etc typically would purchase the interior finishes needed through their sub-contractors. This results in a multi-layer markup on everything. DRG deals directly with the manufacturers to source all finishes eliminating some of those layersand therefore offers significant savings that could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases much more depending on the size of the project.

Our newly constructed showroom affords developers the opportunity to visit with mfrs reps and/orthe designers who specify the finishes for their projects. In this space will be a selection of finishes such as doors, hardware, fixtures, tile, flooring, lighting, wall coverings, cabinetry, countertops, etc. No longer will you have to go from location to location to procure your finishes. This will all be in one location.

We will offer to take delivery to our warehouse until you need it on-site or drop ship to the site directly. When we have multiple projects that may use the same material we can scale the purchase and warehouse it until needed. This allows us to drive the cost even lower.

We invite you to look through our pages here to get a sense of the breadth of our experience, relationships, past and current projects.

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